Snecma Services Sgns Exclusive 13-year by-the-hour Engine Maintenance Contract with Siberia Airlines

Farnborough, July 14, 2008 – Siberia Airlines (known under the trade mark S7 Airlines) announced today that it has signed a 13-year engine service per hour (ESPH) contract with Snecma Services (SAFRAN Group), covering its CFM56-5A engines. This new contract follows another contract signed two years ago between the Russian airline and Snecma Services.

Leader in the Russian domestic market, S7 Airlines is based in Novosibirsk and has its largest hub at Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow. To scope with its growth, S7 is harmonizing its fleet and acquired last year nine additional Airbus A319s. Snecma Services will handle the maintenance for these new engines, as well as for all other CFM56 engines operated by the airline.

This exclusive, long-term contract reflects S7 Airlines’ confidence in Snecma Services, and satisfaction with its services. According to director general Vladislav Filev, “The decisive factors in our decision to extend this collaboration were Snecma Services’ proven expertise and its ability to provide the required support to ensure the operational efficiency of our engines. Furthermore, this by-the-hour service contract allows us to meet our objectives in terms of engine dispatch reliability and shop visit scheduling, all at very competitive prices.”

For Snecma Services, this 13-year contract means the opportunity to obtain in-depth understanding of these engines over time, and this is an additional factor in enhancing the quality of service delivered to the customers. Through long-term contracts such as this one, Snecma Services provides ongoing support to airlines expanding their business.

“We are very honoured that S7 has decided to extend our partnership, in a contract that reflects their confidence in our services,” said Denis Vercherin, Chairman and CEO of Snecma Services. “This contract will help the airline maintain outstanding fleet quality, control its costs and retain the value of its assets. It also confirms our clear leadership in the Russian CFM56 MRO market.”

Since being founded in 1992, S7 Airlines has logged steady growth. Today, S7 is one of the 50 largest domestic airlines in the world, with more than 5.7 million passengers and 48,000 flights per year.

Snecma Services (SAFRAN Group) provides a full range of aero-engine support services to operators worldwide (airlines, armed forces, lessors, VIP transport, etc.) including: engine MRO, parts repair, engineering support (fleet management, remote diagnostics), LRU support, engine maintenance on site (EMOS), technical assistance, tools, technical documentation, test cell calibration, engine leasing, flight test support, customer support, mechanics training and more. Snecma Services operates three sites in France (Montereau, Saint-Quentin and Châtellerault) and has a Belgian subsidiary, Snecma Services Brussels. The company has also created a number of joint ventures with major airlines and manufacturers. Visit Snecma Services online at