StarPort Named a Honeywell 731 Engine Line Maintenance Service Center

ORLANDO, FL – StarPortUSA, based out of the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, was recently named an authorized line maintenance service center for Honeywell Aerospace. This allows StarPort to perform line maintenance on Honeywell propulsion engines and auxiliary power units. The company is currently an authorized Honeywell avionics sales, installation and service center.

Alvie Barron, StarPort’s director of sales, said, “We’re very pleased with this appointment. This allows StarPort to expand its service line to include additional Honeywell customers throughout the United States and throughout the world. We look forward to also assisting these same customers with parts and avionics procurement, along with technical assistance.”

According to Barron, the new appointment of StarPort as a line maintenance service center allows the company to work on Honeywell engine models TFE731 -2 through -5, including models -20, -40, -50, and -60. “In addition, the company can now service APU models GTCP100 and GTCP150,” said Barron.

In addition to the Honeywell service center appointment, StarPort will be hosting the upcoming Southeastern Honeywell Operators Seminar on September 5, 2008. The seminar will be held at StarPort’s Orlando/Sanford, FL location. (Those wishing to attend the conference should contact William Hagemeyer of Honeywell at 904-880-9142 or or Alvie Barron of StarPort at 386-690-3536 or

StarPort’s maintenance facility is a licensed FAA Repair Center (#Q5BR079X), a Venezuelan INAC Repair Center (#OMAC-E 482), and a Bermuda DCA Repair Center (#BDA/AMO/274). The facility performs both light and heavy maintenance, including around-the-clock scheduled maintenance and mobile AOG services, with extensive sheet-metal and structural repair capabilities, full avionics services, in-house level III NDT services with radiography.

StarPort, a Cambata Aviation International company, is an Orlando, Florida-based leading business aviation firm with a full-service FBO, heavy maintenance service center, complete aircraft refurbishment center and an aircraft sales and acquisition division. The company’s capabilities include heavy maintenance in addition to aircraft refurbishment, such as exterior paint and interior refurbishment, with full cabinet, upholstery and seat-shop services for small, medium and large-cabin business aircraft. To cater to business aviation customers in North & South America, in addition to Europe and the Far East, StarPort’s facility is strategically located at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, in Sanford, Florida. StarPort has a proven track record of maintaining a wide range of airframes, including Bombardier, Cessna, Falcon, Raytheon and Gulfstream aircraft. The company is a licensed FAA Repair Center (#Q5BR079X), a Venezuelan INAC Repair Center (#OMAC-E 482), and a Bermuda DCA Repair Center (#BDA/AMO/274). For more information on StarPort, visit