EMTEQ Develops and Certifies the Industry's First LED 400cd Anti-Collision Exterior Light

(New Berlin, WI, USA) — EMTEQ, a leading provider of interior and exterior LED (light emitting diode) and aircraft systems integration and certification, has been granted FAA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) ST03595AT for the industry's first 400cd (candela) anti-collision exterior light. Flight Components AG, an EMTEQ Company, located in Switzerland, in conjunction with EMTEQ’s Wisconsin headquarters, is the primary designer of the light. EMTEQ’s launch customer, Lynden Air Cargo, is installing the 400cd light on L-382 aircraft, making this light an excellent option for retrofit replacement on C-130 and many other similar-sized military as well as most Part 25 civilian aircraft.

Sam Matar, EMTEQ’s Director – Global Aftermarket Business Development explains, “We’ve designed the light so that internal components should remain unchanged regardless of the installation. The adapter plate interface may be different from model to model, but once certified on a particular aircraft, the installation is greatly simplified.” Other benefits to EMTEQ’s newest anti-collision light compared to non-LED lights, in addition to its intelligent design include:

• Use of COB (chip-on-board) technology for significantly more compact packaging

• Longer life with reduced replacement and maintenance costs

• Lighter weight for reduced fuel costs

EMTEQ’s other exterior lighting products include tail and navigation lights; anti-collision and combination light assemblies. All are designed and manufactured to respective Joint Aviation or Federal Aviation Requirements (JAR/FAR); meet RTCA-DO-160 and Mil-STD-810 standards and many have TSO/ETSO approval as well. Many custom design applications are in development.

About the EMTEQ Family of Companies

Incorporated in 1996, EMTEQ specializes in integrated interior and exterior LED lighting products, design engineering and avionics installation kits for aircraft navigation, communication and entertainment systems for the for the commercial, corporate and military aviation markets, including helicopters. Headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin, EMTEQ has locations throughout the United States and globally, including ACS-NAI in Winnipeg, Canada; Swiss exterior lighting company, Flight Components, AG; Florida’s FAA certification and installation group and Taubaté Brazil design and engineering facility. EMTEQ also is aligned with strategic partner Cable Technology of Montana, Inc. located in Great Falls, MT, who designs, develops, manufactures and sells high quality wire and cable related assemblies. EMTEQ employs over 430 people with expected revenues of approximately $75,000,000 in 2008. Visit the EMTEQ Family of Companies and their Partners online at www.acs-nai.com, www.flightcomponents.com, www.cablemt.com and www.emteq.com.