$3 Gas for A Year

7.22.2008 Yakima, WA: CubCrafters announced today that the factory will help ease the “Pain at the Pump” by offering a guaranteed price of $3 per gallon of gas for a full year with the purchase of a new 2008 SPORT CUB S2. With oil prices continuing to soar to record heights, don’t let those prices keep you grounded. The LSA certified SPORT CUB S2 sips fuel at an average of only 4 - 5 gallons per hour! Combine that with a guaranteed fuel price of $3 per gallon and you’ll be flying with a big smile on your face!

This offer applies to new orders placed between July 22nd, 2008 and August 4th, 2008. CubCrafters will distribute monthly rebate checks equal to the actual cost of fuel for your SPORT CUB S2 that exceeds $3.oo USD per gallon. Offer good on fuel purchases for one calendar year from the date of delivery or 300 flight hours whichever comes first. Subject to additional terms and conditions. For more information contact your Regional Sales Representative or visit: www.cubcrafters.com

CubCrafters, founded in 1980 by current owner and Chairman Jim Richmond, is located at Yakima Air Terminal/McAllister Field Airport (YKM) in Yakima, WA. CubCrafters’ roots are in the 60 year history of classic ‘taildragger’ aviation, but its products and services - New aircraft, CAD-based design and engineering, CNC tooling and fabrication, Lean-manufacturing, and Award-winning tube and fabric aircraft restoration - are leading edge.

CubCrafters offers two all new, FAA-certified, ready-to-fly, aircraft: the second generation SPORT CUB S2, the follow on airplane to the original SPORT CUB…the long awaited redesign of the classic airplane that inspired the light sport category; and TOP CUB, the most capable two-place personal and utility aircraft. In 2008, CubCrafters announced the availability of the CARBON CUB KIT...the lightest, most complete, and best engineered Cub kit available. In early 2007, CubCrafters was issued only the second FAA ‘Production Certificate’ in the state of Washington, and is now the only U.S. aircraft manufacturer producing and delivering both standard and LSA category aircraft under an FAA-approved quality assurance program. In 2007, CubCrafters produced a combined-model total of nearly 100 new aircraft.

CubCrafters, under the banner CubCrafters Services, is the recognized authority for re-building and modifying PA-18 Super Cubs and similar aircraft, and it stocks a broad range of STCs, PMA’d parts and modification kits for the existing fleet. In 2007, more than 120 aircraft passed through CubCrafters Services for rebuild, repair, modification or routine maintenance.

CubCrafters Partners is the organization’s group of preferred vendor, maintenance and training suppliers while CubCrafters Resale is the pre-owned aircraft sales unit specializing in Cub, Super Cub and similar aircraft.

For more information, visit: www.cubcrafters.com