Avidyne MLX770 Extends Satellite Datalink Weather Worldwide

EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, WI, July 28, 2008 — Avidyne Corporation’s two-way datalink transceiver, the MLX770, will now deliver graphical weather and two-way text messaging capability for general aviation operations virtually anywhere in the world.

The MLX770 utilizes Avidyne’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and the 66-satellite Iridium constellation to deliver strategic datalink weather services to Entegra- and EX500-equipped aircraft. “This is an especially attractive feature for many of our customers who have not had access to broadcast datalink weather services like those found in the continental U.S. Until now, they’ve had no alternatives or have had to rely on limited access to much higher-cost corporate aviation solutions that are available internationally. The MLX770 can now be utilized to assist pilots in making go/no-go decisions on the ground, and to fly more strategically while en route,” said Bill Schillhammer, Avidyne’s Director of International Sales.

The MLX770 provides weather data with satellite signal coverage at all altitudes, even on the ground. Its datalink service includes graphical and textual METARS, TAFs, Winds and Temperatures Aloft, and in-flight weather advisories (NOTAMs). Radar and lightning are also available as premium offerings. Additionally, the MLX770 provides convenient two-way SMS text messaging from an airborne MFD to any ground-based SMS-capable mobile phone or e-mail address, allowing pilots to communicate with family and friends from their aircraft in flight.

The compact MLX770 datalink transceiver weighs only 1.64 kgs (3.6 lbs.) and is contained in a 152mm x 203mm x 76mm (6.0”x8.0”x3.0”) box. It can be mounted with our without the optional mounting tray. The MLX770 uses an Iridium patch antenna, which measures 88mm in diameter x 14mm high (3.5” dia x ¾”) and fits easily on virtually any light general aviation aircraft or helicopter. Designed specifically for Avidyne Entegra customers and EX-series MFDs users, the MLX770 provides access to ground-based weather radar data, METARs—meteorological activity reports that typically summarize actual weather at an aerodrome on a 30-60 minute basis, TAFs—Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts which give predicted weather conditions expected at an aerodrome, usually for a 9 or 24 hour period, and textual winds and temperatures aloft information at various altitudes. Additionally, weather advisories for a particular flight information region are provided via the NOTAMs product.

Pricing and Availability

The price for the globally-capable MLX770 Two-Way Datalink Transceiver with antenna starts at $11,995 USD plus installation. Avidyne is accepting orders now for the MLX770, with initial deliveries beginning in Q4 2008. Service pricing is expected to average $70-$120 per month based on 10 hours of flying per month. For information, international customers can contact Avidyne via telephone at +1 512.331.5323 in the USA or via e-mail at avidyne.com.

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