Plastek LLC Obtains Certification From US Army for Compatibility Use of Repaired Process and Night Vision Equipment Use

Plastek LLC has obtained US Army certification that EZ Clear Repair Process is compatible with use of Night Vision Equipment fielded on military rotorcraft. The qualification test was conducted by the US Army Weapons Research Lab under contract task order in February, 2008.

This certification allows the EZ Clear repair processes to be performed on aircraft without having to rely on additional on-board equipment that provides visibility aids, and enhances Situational Awareness when performing Battle Damage Assessment, Search and Rescue, and Recovery support missions at night. According to Gus Ordonez, President and CEO of Plastek, “The results of the qualification test indicate that the EZ Clear repair process brings acrylics to 99.67 % of pristine window conditions, and it is a major milestone reached by Plastek LLC in providing a superior product.”

Plastek LLC is applying the know-how technology used on military repair products for the General Aviation products that will be launched at EAA-Oshkosh on 30 July, 2008.