NATA Launches First Aviation Seminar at Sea

Alexandria, VA,— The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) is christening the first aviation seminar at sea with the introduction of “How to Build a More Successful FBO.”

This new seminar will be held aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship Sensation on October 23-26, 2008, en route from Port Canaveral near Orlando to Nassau in the Bahamas and returning to Florida.

“NATA is pleased to be able to provide its members with cutting edge business strategies for maximizing FBO profits,” said NATA President James K. Coyne. “Our members couldn’t ask for a better seminar venue than enroute from Florida to the Bahamas, and they’ll be surprised at what a great value this educational opportunity represents,” he added.

Managing a successful fixed base operation in today's challenging economy requires FBO owners and managers to wear many hats – from operations and financial wizard to human resources director and marketing guru – all at once. This new seminar will help NATA members fine-tune these skills while providing insight to build a more profitable FBO, including how to:

• Operate FBOs in tough times

• Decrease credit card interest rates and lower insurance premiums

• Stay on-time and within budget on building projects

• Develop a favorable lease with airport authorities

• Position an FBO for merger, sale or acquisition

• Optimize operations and prepare for contingencies

• Select and develop top employees

• Make fractional aircraft programs a reliable business asset

• Build long-term profitable customer relationships

o Part I: Making the customer an evangelist

o Part II: Marketing and communications for any size FBO

• Negotiate the best fuel supplier agreement

Because the cruise includes three nights aboard the ship, all meals and transportation to and from the Orlando airport, the cost of the NATA Seminar at Sea actually can be less than a comparable land-based seminar, all while gaining all the advantages of a Carnival cruise. All-inclusive cruise accommodations pricing for individuals totals $340 (per person double occupancy) or $585 (single occupancy).

The "How To Build A More Successful FBO" seminar itself is $615 for NATA Members prior to September 23rd, $650 thereafter, and $715 and $775 respectively for non-members.

“How to Build a More Successful FBO” will be taught by three industry experts with more than 100 years of FBO management experience:

• John L. Enticknap, Vice President, Business Development, Mercury Air Group, Inc.

• Dan Maddox, Vice President, Safety and Operations, Mercury Air Group, Inc.

• Ron R. Jackson, President, The Jackson Group

The seminar also will show attendees how to:

• Save money without cutting corners

• Lower insurance premiums

• Improve operational efficiency

• Make FBOs more profitable

• Increase the intrinsic value of FBO property

• Meet short and long-term financial goals

The registration deadline at reduced rates is August 15, 2008 so register today. For more information, please contact Linda Pylant at (800) 808-NATA.

“How to Build a More Successful FBO” is sponsored exclusively by produces more IFR flight plans for corporate & business pilots than any other service.

Further information about the seminar is available online at

NATA, the voice of aviation business, is the public policy group representing the interests of aviation businesses before the Congress and federal agencies.