EASA Approves DART 3-point Shoulder Harness Kits

DART Helicopter Services has announced that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has recently received EASA approval for their 3 Point Shoulder Harness Kits which feature a diagonal shoulder harness on an inertia reel complete with an integrated lap belt.

DART shoulder harness kits are now available in a 3-point inertia reel style (integrated shoulder harness joined to the lap belt) which has been specifically designed for rappel aircraft and has a single point metal to metal quick release mechanism.

This kit is engineered to meet the requirements of the United States Department of Interior, the United States Forest Service and TSO-C114. It also meets US Department of Transportation Advisory Circular AC 21-34 and of Chapter 9 of AC 43.13-2A.

Additional features are:

• Minimal install time – no cutting or sewing of the thermal blankets is required and uses existing hard points

• Lap belts install on OEM lap belt rings

• Comes complete with all tools for installation

• Designed to be comfortable and snug fitting

“The DART 3 Point Shoulder Harnesses with Inertia Reels are a comfortable and practical solution for operators carrying personnel. Although these harnesses were designed originally to meet the requirements of forest service contracts, these kits have seen use beyond this application and are an ideal solution regardless of the type of operation.” Quote by Bill Beckett, General Manager of DART Aerospace Ltd.

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