Aerospace Photo Contest: Four Weeks Left to Take Your Best Shot

Mesa, AZ, August 18, 2008 — Inquiries and entries are flying in for the BDN Aerospace Marketing (BDN) Global Photo Contest. And with four weeks left until the Sept. 15 entry deadline, the competition is heating up.

One top-prize winner will receive $1,000. To enter, send an e-mail to You’ll automatically receive a detailed information package, including forms and complete contest rules.

The contest offers professional and aspiring photographers the opportunity to have their best work seen by aerospace industry experts and influential publishers and photo editors in the aerospace publishing world.

“This contest will showcase the creative talent and artful eye of photographers who love flight,” said Caroline Sheen, the long-time Photography and Art Editor for Air and Space Smithsonian magazine and a judge for this event. “Aviation is a fairly narrow subject, so the best photographers bring something interesting and original to each shot,” said Sheen, who also served as Picture Editor for National Geographic. “Photos should show aircraft in novel, expressive ways that make a statement about the purpose or ‘personality’ of the subject.”

Fellow judge Jay Miller, Chair of the International Society for Aviation Photography and a professional shooter for over 40 years notes, "I'm an aviation photo junkie. I'm always on the lookout for new aviation images that depict the fresh and unusual. I think aviation photography's mission objective should be to capture the art and science and beauty of what is arguably the most exciting technology on the planet. I'll be looking for those attributes in the submissions presented to BDN." BDN founding partner Mark Bennett will also participate in judging.

One top-prize winner will receive $1,000, and the front cover spot on BDN’s 2009 calendar. Thirteen others will receive $100 each. Their photos will also be featured in the calendar, which will be distributed to aerospace companies and personnel worldwide.

Entries will be accepted through Sept. 15. Winners will be announced by Oct. 31.

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