New Around the World Speed Record in AgustaWestland Grand Helicopter

Pilots Scott Kasprowicz and Steve Sheik succeeded in flying around the world in a helicopter in only 11 days 7 hours and 2 minutes - setting a new world speed record.

The AgustaWestland Grand offers impressive operational availability and serviceability with the fastest cruise speed and exceptional fuel economy. Its superior features in terms of performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness enable the crew to maximize the time necessary to make the world record setting flight. With its powerful and reliable Pratt & Whitney PW207 turbine engines, the helicopter has exceptional ability to deliver even when faced with challenging environmental conditions. Orders for over 230 helicopters have been placed by more than 100 customers in 30 countries.

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is the global leader in designing, manufacturing and supporting the world’s most technologically advanced helicopters. With more than 100 years of experience in the aerospace industry, AgustaWestland provides a full range of rotorcraft for every commercial, government and military application, and an unrivalled capability in training and support solutions.

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