285 Apprentices and Student Trainees Embark on Careers at Lufthansa

Lufthansa Technik is once again significantly expanding its training commitment. As the 2008 training year gets under way, 285 young people will be taking their first step on the career ladder with the Lufthansa Technik Group in Germany (235 in 2007, 182 in 2006).

141 trainees (up from 120 in 2007) are starting today in Hamburg, 107 have already started in Frankfurt including the Alzey site (cf. 84 in 2007), a further 30 are once again due to start in Munich and a further seven in Arnstadt. This means that the Lufthansa Technik Group will now employ a total of 808 trainees in Germany, up from 719 in 2007. The new intake were able to choose from among 16 different career paths and practice-oriented degree programs. Today's new joiners in Hamburg also include three young people who are deaf.

With 32 places in six practice-oriented degree programs, Lufthansa Technik is stepping up its collaboration with the higher educational establishments. For the first time, places have been offered for the Bachelor of Engineering Aircraft Maintenance degree course. LEOS is now also training Specialists in Automotive Mechatronics in Frankfurt, while N3 Engine Overhaul Services, the joint venture company owned 50:50 by Lufthansa Technik and Rolls Royce which specializes in the overhaul of the modern Trent family of engines, is entering the technical training arena for the first time.

259 young people are embarking on training programs directly at Lufthansa Technik (cf. 219 in 2007). For another twelve school-leavers, Lufthansa Technik Logistik is the designated training operation. Five more are to be trained at Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey, the subsidiary which specializes in the overhaul of smaller jet and propeller engines. Finally, two apprentices are starting at Lufthansa Engineering and Operational Services (LEOS), the company within the Lufthansa Technik Group which specializes in ground services. Another seven are starting at N3 Engine Overhaul Services.

Uwe Mukrasch, Chief Executive Human Resources and Information Management at Lufthansa Technik, said, "It is no accident that Lufthansa Technik is so heavily committed to professional training. We are aware of our social responsibility to smooth the transition to the world of work for the young generation. But as far as Lufthansa Technik is concerned, the qualification and motivation of its workforce are the critical foundation for its business success. We therefore make a point of sponsoring young people, yet we also expect them to be keen to work, flexible and willing to keep on learning. The right mixture of incentives and demands combined with the abiding fascination of work on every aspect of the aircraft are what makes Lufthansa Technik so attractive to young people." Mukrasch was pleased to note that "the proportion of women is rising even in the technical occupations."

As well as the aircraft-specific trades of Aircraft Mechanic and Electronics Engineer for Aeronautical Systems, Lufthansa Technik also trains, for example, Tool Mechanics, Surface Coating Technicians and Business Persons for Office Communication. Within the Lufthansa Technik Group, Specialists in Warehouse Logistics, Industrial Clerks and Specialists in Automotive Mechatronics are also employed.

Sites and career paths

Hamburg: 141 young people are embarking on training programs in Hamburg. In keeping with previous years, the majority of places offered are apprenticeships for Aircraft Mechanics specializing in Maintenance (18), Engines (24) and Production Engineering (18) and for Electronics Engineers for Aeronautical Systems (24). In addition, this year 16 people are embarking on a career as a Tool Mechanic, six as Specialists in Inventory Management (at Lufthansa Technik Logistik, LTL), three as Surface Coating Technicians and ten as Business Persons for Office Communication. On top of that, 22 students will be sponsored through their university courses: five studying for a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, eight taking practice-oriented Master's degrees (five in Aircraft Design and three in Electrical Engineering), five studying for a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and, for the first time, four taking a Bachelor's degree in Aircraft Maintenance.

Frankfurt: In Frankfurt and Alzey a total of 107 young people are embarking on training programs: 97 apprentices, comprising 48 Aircraft Mechanics specializing in Maintenance, four Aircraft Mechanics specializing in Engines (at Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey), twelve Aircraft Mechanics specializing in Production Engineering (six of them to be eventually deployed in Munich), 24 Electronics Engineers for Aeronautical Systems, one Industrial Clerk (at AERO) and six Specialists in Warehouse Logistics (at LTL) plus, for the first time, two Specialists in Automotive Mechatronics (at LEOS). On top of this, there are five trainees studying for a practice-oriented Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and five studying for a Bachelor's degree in Aircraft Maintenance.

Munich: The 30 Aircraft Mechanics to be trained in Munich will all specialize in Maintenance. On top six Aircraft Mechanics specializing in Production Engineering are to be trained initially in Frankfurt, moving to Munich later on.

Arnstadt: Five apprentice Aircraft Mechanics specializing in Engines and two Industrial Clerks will strengthen the team at N3 Engine Overhaul Services. This marks N3's entry into technical training, two Industrial Clerks having started their training in Arnstadt in 2007.