REMOS Aircraft Make a Hit With Air Academy Students at EAA

Oshkosh, WI – Each summer the Experimental Aircraft Association runs a series of seven Air Academies for kids who have an interest in aviation. This summer 260 campers ages 12 - 18 took the programs that ranged in length from four to eight days. Though the programs varied in content and duration, they all had one thing in common: every student got to fly a REMOS Light Sport Aircraft for 20 to 30 minutes. Apparently every one of them loved the experience and they all received Young Eagles certificates.

Certified Flight Instructors from the University of North Dakota conducted the flights, allowing the students to take over the controls right after takeoff. If the students were comfortable with piloting, they were asked to perform a number of simple maneuvers.

“The REMOS is fun to fly and easy to control,” said Bob Campbell, Director of the Air Academy. “The students held the controls until it was time to land and were able to log the time. It’s our hope that it will be the beginning of a Sport Pilot’s license for each one.”

REMOS’ CEO, Corvin Huber said: “This kind of activity is very exciting for us. We were honored to have EAA choose the REMOS for their Air Academy and consider the program a very positive step for drawing more and particularly young people into aviation.”

According to Sean Elliott, Director of Aircraft Operations at EAA, the REMOS airplanes were “fantastic. We are truly grateful for Remos’ support of EAA’s youth education programs.”

The REMOS is a high wing, carbon fiber aircraft with Rotax power. It is designed for flight training and recreational flying. There are over 250 copies of the REMOS flying worldwide.

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