M7 Aerospace and San Antonio Aircraft Support Team to Open Interior Modification Center

M7 Aerospace has teamed with San Antonio Aircraft Support (SAAS) to create a major modification center in San Antonio specializing in custom corporate interiors for regional airliners, business aircraft and helicopters needing interior or avionics...

A particular strength for the M7 – SAAS team is M7’s Engineering Department, which developed the STCs to convert the ATR 42s and 72s, and developed smoke detection systems to support the cargo conversions. M7 engineering has also designed structures including doors and escape hatches for numerous helicopter programs, and has developed STCs for aircraft operated by the U.S. Military as well as corporate and regional airline aircraft. The company employs a fulltime engineering staff of more than 25.

Schildroth said M7 will serve as prime contractor for the programs it does in conjunction with SAAS.

M7 Aerospace is a certified small business, based in San Antonio. M7 operates five business units, including Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul, Engineering Services, Government Logistics Support Contracting, Aerostructures Manufacturing, and Aircraft Parts and Service Support.

M7 is located on the San Antonio International Airport, and operates from a 426,000 sq. ft. factory complex formerly occupied by Fairchild Aircraft. M7 acquired the assets of Fairchild Aircraft in December 2002 and began operating under its own name on April 1, 2003.

M7 Aerospace’s aviation tradition of maintenance and repair, government logistics support and aerospace manufacturing began with the company’s original founding more than 80 years ago as the Fairchild Aviation Corporation.

M7 Aerospace began operations on April 1, 2003 with approximately 175 employees.

The company now employs nearly 500 people worldwide and more than 300 in San Antonio. To learn more about M7 Aerospace, please visit the company’s web site at www.m7aerospace.com.

SAAS is a full service interior and completion support operation in its own right. SAAS is also a small business based in San Antonio, Texas. To learn more about SAAS, please visit its web site at www.completions.us.

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