Brazil Approves Apical's Emergency Float System for A109 Aircraft

PINEY FLATS, TN -- DART Helicopter Services announces that its subsidiary, Apical Industries Inc., has recently received Brazilian approval of its emergency float system for the Agusta model A109E/S series helicopters. FAA and EASA certification have already been received.

Apical‘s emergency float system consists of 2 fwd and 2 aft cylindrical floats which are inflated electrically when the float deployment switch is activated. The two optional integrated six-person liferafts are deployed on separate electrical switches. Additionally, the aft floats are specifically designed to reduce the chance of a tail rotor strike during autorotation water landing.

Apical’s Float System offers A109E/S operators increased safety for their crew, passengers and aircraft in the event of an emergency water landing. Other features include:

  • Installation assemblies are easily connected to OEM structural float and electrical provisions
  • Patented integrated Liferaft system preserves valuable cabin space and has a significant safety benefit over cabin mounted kits
  • Exchange program is available for floats, liferafts and reservoir valve assemblies, which reduces aircraft down time
  • Only float system certified for the increased gross weight

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