Dart Helicopter Services Announces FAA Approval of DART’s Interior Panels for Eurocopter AS350 / AS355 Model Aircraft

Dart Helicopter Services has announced that its affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received FAA approval of its Interior Panels for AS350/AS355 series helicopters. Transport Canada and EASA approvals were previously received.

DART Interior Panels are constructed of high quality impact resistant aerospace grade plastic selected specifically to minimize warping, cracking and discoloration. Particular attention has been paid to ensure quality of fit. Currently DART is offering panels for the overhead and the aft bulk head where sagging and breaking are most common. The overhead panels come untrimmed for compatibility with a variety of ceiling mounted modifications. DART’s panels are available in light grey color to match OEM panels.

“DART is currently offering those interior panel components for the AS350/AS355 that market research has indicated are most problematic for operators; our intent is to expand this line to other components and other aircraft,” Bill Beckett, General Manager DART Aerospace.

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