Hawker Beechcraft Delivers Hawker 4000 to Talon Air Owner

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) recently delivered the first Hawker 4000 super-midsized business jet for commercial service to Adam Katz, founder of luxury air charter Talon Air Inc. The delivery took place at Hawker Beechcraft's Little Rock Completions Center. Two Talon Air pilots were the first in the world to be certified under FAR Part 135 to fly the Hawker 4000, an advanced business jet with composite construction.

Katz accepted the aircraft on behalf of Talon Air Inc., a boutique private jet charter company based at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, NY. Katz is the largest private owner of Hawker Beechcraft aircraft. The Hawker 4000 is the latest addition to Talon Air's diverse Hawker Beechcraft fleet including a Hawker 850, two Hawker 800XPs, a Hawker 800XPi, three Hawker 400XPs, a Beechjet 400A, Beechcraft King Air B200 and Beechcraft King Air C90GTi.

"It is with great pleasure that I present the segment-leading Hawker 4000 to Katz and Talon Air," said Brad Hatt, Hawker Beechcraft president, Commercial Sales. "By now offering a Hawker 4000 in their fleet, they will have the ability to showcase this aircraft's outstanding performance and comfort to their elite charter customers."

The Hawker 4000 capacity and range is designed to meet the needs of customers domestically and internationally. The business jet boasts a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.84 and only a 20-minute climb rate from sea level direct to 41,000 feet. The combination of its advanced wing design and Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308A engines provide customers with impressive high altitude/hot temperature and short field capability.

The Hawker 4000's cockpit features a Honeywell Epic avionics suite with five high-resolution 8- by 10-inch LCD displays. It also has enhanced situational awareness and flight management systems, backed by real-time system monitoring and status. Ideally suited for long-range operations or long oceanic flights, the Hawker 4000 is equipped with dual IRS (Inertial Reference Systems), dual air-cycle machines, and a hydraulic motor driven backup generator.

The aircraft is constructed of advanced composite material, giving the fuselage a true 6-foot standup cabin. A flat floor runs the entire length of the aircraft, leading to a large 88.5 -ubic-foot baggage area, accessible during flight. The aircraft's standard eight-place configuration interior is fully customizable with a wide variety of materials and cabin finishes available.

For more information visit www.hawkerbeechcraft.com.