Lord Corporation to Provide Noise, Vibration and Isolation Technologies for Cessna Citation Columbus Business Jet

(Cary, NC – Oct. 3, 2008) -- LORD Corporation – a leader in the management of vibration, motion and noise -- has been awarded a contract for the Cessna Model 850 Citation Columbus large cabin intercontinental business jet.

LORD will provide the engine and APU isolation system for the Columbus business jet from its plants in Erie, Pa. and Dayton, Ohio. The system will enable Cessna to offer an ultra-quiet cabin to its customers through a variety of proprietary techniques.

The contract builds on the four-decade relationship LORD has serving Cessna on a wide variety of programs including the single engine and Citation jet family.

“LORD has a long history of supplying engine isolation systems to Cessna and is proud to continue and expand upon this relationship by teaming together to provide advanced technologies on the new Cessna Citation Columbus," said Steve Meyer, Commercial Aerospace Marketing & Sales Manager. “Our role as a Cessna partner benefits their entire aircraft offering -- from the single engine piston aircraft to the Citation X—with our wide range of solutions that build on LORD Corporation’s internal R&D investments and long-standing record of unsurpassed quality and proven reliability.”

Through the first half of the year, Cessna had taken 71 Citation Columbus aircraft orders from customers worldwide. The aircraft is expected to achieve FAA certification by the end of 2013, with deliveries beginning in 2014. LORD provides a wide variety of NVH solutions to Cessna including Fluidlastic isolators, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) mounts, Interior Systems and Tuned Vibration Absorbers.

“Our products allow the end-user to enjoy the lowest interior noise and vibration treatment possible, while offering aircraft owners an affordable, low direct operating cost solution with improved reliability,” said Meyer.

The aircraft is designed for intercontinental travel with a target range of 4,000 nautical miles (7,408 kilometers) at Mach .80. The all-new aircraft is Cessna's largest business jet to date. Configurable for up to 10 passengers, the cabin has generous seating room and a low flat floor that provides standing aisle height of 73 inches (1.85 meters). Cessna's engineering team and its co-development suppliers have designed the clean-sheet Columbus to be one of the most advanced, fuel-efficient, cleanest business jets ever conceived. Cessna plans to achieve Federal Aviation Administration certification by the end of 2013, with deliveries beginning in 2014.

About LORD Corporation

With headquarters in Cary, N.C., USA, and sales in excess of $700-MM, LORD Corporation is a privately-held company that designs, manufactures and markets devices and systems to manage mechanical motion and control noise and vibration; formulates, produces and sells general purpose and specialty adhesives and coatings; and develops products and systems utilizing magnetically responsive technologies. With manufacturing in nine countries and offices in more than 15 major business centers, LORD Corporation employs more than 2,600 worldwide. Visit www.lord.com for more information.