Lord Shimmy Damper Achieves STC

(Cary, NC – Oct. 3, 2008) -- LORD Corporation’s proprietary shimmy damper recently achieved Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) #SA02546NY and PMA Supplement 104 for most models of the Cessna Aircraft Company 300/400 Series.

Offered as PMA equipment for most models of Cessna’s 300/400 Series Aircraft, the nose wheel shimmy damper replaces the original equipment shimmy damper on these aircraft. Utilizing LORD Corporation’s patented Surface-Effect technology, the damper – sporting the same form, fit and function as the original Cessna 300/400 Series damper -- provides consistent damping without maintenance or the use of hydraulic fluid. Since the damper contains no fluid, it cannot leak and will last eight to 10 years without service.

Development of the Surface-Effect technology for shimmy damper applications involved several steps. LORD began with an evaluation of the current hydraulic dampers in field tests and in the laboratory. The next step was leveraging their more than 10 years of experience with Surface Effect for industrial applications and measuring shimmy events with the standard dampers to establish a design target. Extensive development tests validated the design and durability of the dampers in the laboratory. Then, field tests were conducted to verify the design effectiveness in short-term tests.

Typical dampers utilize fluids to resist motion, but a mere 10 to 20 drops of leakage has been shown to cut performance in half. Instead of using fluids to resist motion, LORD Corporation’s shimmy damper features a unique rubber formulation with a high-tech lubricant to absorb nose wheel vibration. Essentially, the metal piston found in the traditional damper has been replaced with a rubber piston that presses against the inner diameter of the damper housing. This rubber piston then rides on a very thin film of grease and the rubbing action between the piston and the housing provides the necessary damping. Due to its Surface Effect design, the shimmy damper's force and energy dissipation can be precisely controlled over time and within a wide range of temperatures. The resulting damping is effective over a temperature range from -30 to 150-degrees-Fahrenheit.

Accelerated life testing of the LORD shimmy damper demonstrates that it performs in excess of 5,000 ground-air-ground duty cycles. This represents a product life of more than 10 years of usage on typical, high-use airplanes.

Available through Cessna Aircraft Company Distribution, the same part number (SE-1090-1) fits most models of the 300/400 Series Aircraft. To find an authorized Cessna Aircraft Company Service Center near you, visit http://customer.cessna.com/se/locator.chtml.

LORD Corporation’s patented Surface Effect Technology shimmy dampers can be found on most Cessna single engine aircraft in production today and through the aftermarket on even a greater number of makes/models in current operation. Superior shimmy reduction, the absence of maintenance, and their incredible performance life are sighted as the key contributors to the market’s increased demand for this technology.

About LORD Corporation

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