New High-Performance Tools Combine with 3M Abrasives and Accessories for Best-in-Class Finishing System in the Business Aerospace Industry

ORLANDO, FL – NBAA Convention (Booth #1890) – Oct. 6-8, 2008 – 3M showcases its first-ever, full line of air-powered finishing tools for orbital sanding. The 3M Finishing Systems are designed to optimize sanding performance and maximize productivity during the painting process on composite and metal aircraft surfaces.

“3M’s new line of abrasive finishing tools offers business aviation maintenance professionals a complete system when combined with 3M sanding discs and accessories,” said Jeff Travis, marketing manager for 3M Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Department. “The lightweight, low vibrating tools work to prepare and restore aircraft surfaces, allowing maintenance crews to easily sand primers, fillers and paint.”

One of the line’s unique innovations is 3M’s new dust management system, featuring 3M Clean Sanding Disc technology and vacuum equipped tools. The system is revolutionizing the dust evacuation process because the patented multi-hole pattern balances the cutting surface with dust removal and helps trap and contain more dust during the finishing process compared to other 5- or 6-hole products. Uniquely designed backup pads further optimize dust removal, allowing the discs to cut more and last longer while lowering dust levels in the work environment, ultimately helping to increase productivity and lower overall costs.

The new 3M Finishing System tool and filter bags offer an additional dust management capability to the system. 3M’s Self Generated Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders leverage the company’s unique and proprietary air filter technology. The filter bags contain electrostatically charged Filtrete fibers that work like tiny magnets to attract and retain more of the micro-dust particles sucked in by the vacuum. Capturing the dust inside the bag’s “web” helps prevent dust from releasing back into the tool and air, which is critical in high-dust environments encountered while sanding aircraft paints and fillers.

The complete air-powered system from 3M contains more than a dozen .28 horsepower random orbital sanders in a variety of orbits, available in 3-, 5-, or 6-inch diameters. Also available are three 3- by 4-inch orbital sanders for flat surfaces, a right-angled nib removal sander for wet sanding, and a buffing tool. These light weight tools are precision-balanced to reduce vibration and offer smooth operation on aluminum, stainless steel and composite surfaces.

The tools are available in: non-vacuum, self-generated vacuum and central vacuum models. Multiple grip sizes (2 ½-, 2 ¾- (standard) and 3-inch) provide advanced comfort, and color-coded levers allow for easy orbit identification.

With the use of the complete line of 3M Finishing Systems, professionals preparing aircrafts for paint, refinishing and manufacturing parts can experience improved performance, quality and safety levels. The release of this new finishing system is just the first of a series of tools yet to come from 3M.

3M will feature demonstrations of its new Finishing System at the NBAA Convention in Orlando on October 6-8, 2008, in Booth #1890. For more information about the new line of abrasive tools, call 1-866-279-1235 or visit the new 3M Finishing Systems Web site at

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