U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters Announces $89 Million Commitment to Capacity Improvements at JFK International Airport

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters also unveiled new rules designed to lower fares, increase consumer choices and improve service for air travelers using JFK, Newark and LaGuardia airports.

Under the rule for La Guardia, existing airlines would keep 988 of the slots they currently operate. The remaining 113 slots would be made available over the next five years by auction to airlines interested in starting new service or expanding current operations at the airport.

In addition, under the rule for JFK and Newark, existing airlines would keep 1,035 of the slots they currently operate at JFK Airport and 1,154 of the 1,245 slots they currently operate at Newark Airport. The remaining 89 slots at JFK and 91 slots at Newark would be made available over a five-year period for airlines wishing to expand their current operations or start new services at either of the airports.

The Secretary said that as a result of the auctions, all airlines would have an opportunity to enter or expand current operations in the New York market. She noted that additional competition like the kind the auctions would bring is proven to lower fares and improve service. She noted, for example, that fares declined by 25 percent at Philadelphia International Airport after a new airline entered that market in 2004. She added that when a new airline began serving JFK airport in 2000, fares fell to some destinations by as much as 50 percent.

“Without slot auctions, a small number of airlines will profit while travelers bear the brunt of higher fares, fewer choices and deteriorating service,” the Secretary said. “Slot auctions, meanwhile, will keep flights to New York affordable, available and vibrant while giving all airlines an opportunity to compete in one of the world’s most popular aviation markets.”

The rules are available for review at:

JFK and Newark Rule:


LaGuardia Rule:


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