VC Jets Uses Baldwin Program, Becomes First Flight Department to Gain IS-BAO Registration

HILTON HEAD, SC — Baldwin Aviation, which became the first firm of its kind to successfully obtain IS-BAO registration in 2007, recently assisted VC Jets of Carlsbad, CA, in earning IS-BAO certification.

“Their involvement helped us fill in the gaps in the development and formalization of our plan of action," says VC Jets Chief Pilot Chris Nielsen. "It was like adding an incredibly experienced member to our flight department staff.”

Baldwin Aviation specializes in helping small and start-up flight departments to meet regulatory requirements and establish safety-oriented operating standards. Its comprehensive Safety Management Program was developed based on its own experience in complying with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and IS-BAO regulations, standards, and practices.

“By completing the IS-BAO registration process ourselves we were able to create a compliance model that is flexible, affordable and specifically designed to help aircraft operations that may not be fully-equipped or staffed to keep up with all the safety-related regulations and information,” says Don Baldwin, Baldwin Aviation’s president. “We provide subscribers all of the components and expertise necessary to comply with IS-BAO standards … and to sustain and manage operations at that level.”

“Baldwin worked with us over a period of several months, assisting us in conducting internal audits, updating and supplementing our operations manual, and developing the proper infrastructure to accomplish something that is traditionally very difficult for a small flight operation like ours to do,” says Nielsen.

“VC Jets was extremely well-prepared for the IS-BAO audit,” says auditor Roger Baker of Safety Focus Group, LLC. “It was obvious that Baldwin Aviation’s input had a positive impact on VC Jets. I was able to complete this audit in about half the time it usually takes me."