Conklin & De Decker Releases Latest Aircraft Cost Evaluator

ORLANDO, FL -- Conklin & de Decker recently released the 2008 Volume II Aircraft Cost Evaluator (ACE) software that compares operating costs for more than 490 business aircraft models. This aircraft operating cost benchmarking tool is part of a family of aircraft acquisition and management data products created by Conklin & de Decker and is now available with aircraft and simpler navigation.

The latest release of the ACE adds ten more aircraft including the Beechcraft Premier II and the Falcon 900LX. The Cirrus SR20G3, SR22G3 and SRVG3, Piper Matrix, Enstrom F28-F, Cheyenne I, MU-2K, and MU-2P were also added to the database. In addition to new models, this version of ACE was updated with the latest fuel, maintenance labor, parts and engine costs as well as a new Quick Tip feature for printing and exporting options.

The Aircraft Cost Evaluator has been referred to as the industry standard and is now used by AMSTAT, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Robb Report, and Business Jet Traveler. An extensive operating cost database, ACE covers hundreds of jets, turboprops, helicopters, and piston aircraft.

With ACE, users can quickly compare up to three aircraft side-by-side, edit nearly two dozen variables, change currencies, and change measurement units to customize reports allowing users to compare their local costs and salaries. A query function allows the user to narrow the selection to those that meet specific performance criteria.

“This is the tool that owners and operators need to use to benchmark their costs and we continue to look for ways to improve it,” says Bill de Decker, President of Conklin & de Decker. “This release is even more user-friendly and allows users to quickly export and print their reports as needed.”

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