Max-Viz Obtains EASA Approval for Bell-206/407 EVS-1500

PORTLAND, OR -- Max-Viz Inc. announces European (EASA) approval of the firm’s EVS-1500 Enhanced Vision System (EVS) installation on EC registered Bell 206/407 helicopters.

Paravion Technology Inc., of Fort Collins, CO, developed and holds the initial FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC SR00603DE) and managed the initiative to obtain European EASA approval for the Max-Viz EVS-1500 installation (EASA.IM.R.S.01501) on Bell 206 and 407 helicopters.

This EASA approval also provides a basis for operators equipped with the Max-Viz EVS 1000 to upgrade to the dual field of view, next generation Max-Viz EVS-1500 IR sensor.

Both the EVS-1500 sensor and Bell 206/407 EASA/FAA certified installation kits are available exclusively from Max-Viz Inc.

“With last month’s release of an EASA STC on the Bell 212/412/412EP and Agusta’s announcement of its TC for EVS-1500 on the AW139 earlier this year, the addition of the Bell 206/407 series fleet is another step in our expansion process as EVS-1500 sales continue to grow in the European marketplace,” says Bill Harwood, Max-Viz Vice President of Sales. “Additional certifications are being processed as Europe recognizes the safety benefits of EVS in corporate, police, fire, EMS, SAR, and off-shore oil helicopter operations.”

The Max-Viz EVS-1500 incorporates sensor image processing and active dynamic range management in an external housing identical to the previous generation EVS-1000. The addition of a second Field of View (FoV) provides for both a wide angle (53 degree) viewing aspect for enhanced maneuvering and en-route flight situational awareness while incorporating a narrow angle (30 degree) FoV through an integral optical zoom feature. The narrow FoV provides a significantly enhanced resolution which equates to a much better obstacle and hazard detection capability for greater levels of aircraft operational safety and mission completion reliability.

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