MRJ to Establish U.S. Sales Firm

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation will set up a locally incorporated solely owned subsidiary that will function as its sales base for the Americas and is collectively projected to be the largest market for the company’s next generation regional jet, the MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet). The new company will begin sales activities on Nov. 1 from its headquarters in Addison, TX.

The objective of the new regional sales base is to give Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation a presence in the world’s largest regional jet market, that of the Americas, enabling increased and continuous sales and marketing activities to help the MRJ gain traction and boost its visibility in the market. The company will accomplish this through supplying continuous on-the-ground sales activities to prospective customers with no difference in time zone, as well as by securing orders, gathering information and handling PR for the region to forge even stronger relationships with customers while enhancing the MRJ brand.

“Establishing a local sales and marketing base in the world’s largest regional jet market, that of the Americas, is incredibly significant for our company," says Mitsubishi Aircraft President Nobuo Toda. "This will allow us to conduct ongoing sales and marketing activities leading to stronger relationships with customers rooted in trust. This will translate into a higher profile for the MRJ, improved understanding of the unprecedented value that the MRJ offers for the environment, passengers and airlines, and, ultimately, a large number of orders.”