Honeywell Zing Ready for Service

ORLANDO -- Honeywell announces that the Zing remote diagnostics service for TFE731 aircraft engines is now available for Hawker aircraft as an add-on to the Honeywell Maintenance Service Program (MSP).

“Zing Remote Diagnostics Service, when combined with the engine trend monitoring services provided by Honeywell partner Jet-Care, provides TFE731 operators a simple, comprehensive and user friendly approach to managing all aspects of engine health,” says Donna Chase, Vice President, Honeywell Business and General Aviation Customer and Product Support. “Zing eliminates manual engine data downloads, improves proactive trend monitoring and reduces downtime during unscheduled engine events.

“Honeywell Zing has demonstrated its great value to the operation and to our flight crew," says Daniel Schulenberg, Director of Maintenance, Brunswick Corp.

During a recent flight, the company’s aircraft equipped with Zing landed away from its home base with an engine indication. The pilot employed Zing to send engine data wirelessly to Brunswick, and Zing enabled root cause identification – without a technician being dispatched to the aircraft. Contract maintenance was then dispatched with the right parts – the first time. “I hope never to be without Zing,” says Schulenberg.

Honeywell’s Chase said that “we estimate that the operators using Zing have already eliminated more than 500 hours of engine data downloading time – which is an outstanding time savings.”

Zing is a hardware and service package that results in improved dispatch availability, faster return to service for engines and reduced maintenance workload. Zing wireless engine data download service provides fault code and event alerting as well as automated trend data forwarding to Jet-Care. Zing also provides operators with an easy-to-use Web interface where remote diagnostics link directly to suggested tests, repairs and OEM manuals.

The Zing system for TFE731 engines has accumulated more than 3,500 flight hours on Hawker aircraft with nine operators. These operators performed more than 500 downloads of engine data at U.S. and international airports during 2008.

The avionics unit that downloads the engine data over a GSM cell phone network is PMA certified for STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) installation on Hawker 750, 800, 800XP, and 850XP aircraft. The Hawker 900XP will be certified in late 2008. Zing Remote Diagnostics Service is available for Hawker-equipped TFE platforms through dealers and service centers.

Honeywell will expand Zing to the Falcon 50, Falcon 900, and Learjet 40/45 fleets in 2009.