PAS Technologies Signs MOU With Lambda Technologies

KANSAS CITY, MO – PAS Technologies and Lambda Technologies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) focused on the marketing, R&D, and production of Lambda’s low plasticity burnishing (LPB) proprietary process as an integral element of the MRO operations within the PAS Technologies’ capabilities arena.

The MOU includes Lambda’s agreement to license PAS Technologies for the proprietary technology to perform the LPB process for the component repair applications implemented into production by PAS Technologies and includes product and market development of the military, oilfield and industrial power generation markets.

LPB is a surface enhancement process that has been demonstrated to improve the life and performance of expensive and critical aircraft components such as landing gear, propeller hubs, and turbine engine blades. Lambda has demonstrated a successful production program to significantly improve foreign object damage (FOD) tolerance and high cycle fatigue endurance limits while completely mitigating cracking with state of the art CNC production technology and process control.

“Increasingly, customers are looking for cutting edge solutions that can enhance product quality and extend performance of components and engine time on wing," says Robert Weiner, President and CEO, PAS Technologies. "The partnership with Lambda enables us to provide turn-key solutions for our strategic market segments offering them the technical and service support they require on critical components.”

“Our revolutionary LPB surface enhancement technology enhances component performance with turn-key solutions designed for the application," says Paul S. Prevéy, CEO and Director of Engineering, Lambda Technologies. "Teaming with PAS Technologies effectively brings LPB to the market place and the customers who can realize the life extension benefits and cost savings.”

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