ExecuJet Europe Unveils New FBO at Berlin-Schönefeld

BERLIN -- ExecuJet Europe formally inaugurates its redesigned and enlarged Fixed Base Operation (FBO) facility at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport today, one week ahead of the formal closing of the city’s Tempelhof Airport. Representing an investment of Euros 400,000 the new two-floor 400m2 facility includes a crew lounge and operations briefing room, VIP passenger lounges, and conference facilities. New furnishings occur and there is wireless connectivity in every room.

“We are delighted with the final completion of this refurbishment which started in April this year,” says ExecuJet Europe Managing Director Peter Hartmann.

“We are confident we are ideally located to provide a top quality service to operators who regularly used Tempelhof for their private and charter operations,” says General Manager Andreas Cordes.

Currently, ExecuJet is handling most of the business aviation movements at Schönefeld and the company expects to triple their numbers by the end of 2009, noted Cordes. “We have the capability, with our 45 strong team of admin and operations staff and aircrews, to handle considerably more activity out of Berlin, especially as we have ground support equipment and two fuel trucks readily available on the Business Aviation ramp,” he says.

AOC operations and Aircraft Management staff are now housed in permanent, new offices adjacent to the main terminal facility. Hand in hand with the new modernised facility, ExecuJet is adding more aircraft on to its German AOC. Two Challenger 300 have recently joined the existing fleet of one LearJet 60 and one Challenger 605 A Piaggio Avanti business turboprop, the first of such a type to come under ExecuJet management is also just been introduced onto the German AOC, with one more Challenger 605 and 850 to follow. “We also have a number of other managed aircraft contracts in the pipeline close to fruition,” said Cordes. By summer 2009 ExecuJet’s total Europe-based charter fleet will have increased from over 60 to more than 70 aircraft.

The airport Berlin-Schönefeld is being developed into the new capital-airport BerlinBrandenburgInternational BBI. By 2011 all aviation movements of the region will be concentrated at BBI.

“We are very happy with the engagement of ExecuJet at Schönefeld” says Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO and Commercial Director of Berlin Airports. “Berlin Airports have invested a total of 7.5 million Euro in the expansion and modernization of the Schönefeld GAT-facilities. Business Aviation will get a premium facility with the expanded GAT at the capital airport BBI.”

For more informationv visit www.execujet.net.