STC Amendment for Chelton Flightlogic EFIS Extends Options for Class III and IV Operators

MINERAL WELLS, TX – S-TEC/Chelton Flight Systems, part of Cobham’s Avionics and Surveillance Division, announces that the FAA has granted an amendment to STC #SA02254AK, covering Part 23, Class III and IV aircraft.

Plantz also points out that while the amended STC was earned on a Piper Cheyenne IIIA, it actually includes a wide variety of popular Part 23, Class III and IV aircraft, beyond and including:

  • Piston and turboprop Twin Commanders
  • Piston and turboprop 400 series twin Cessnas
  • Beechcraft King Airs
  • Piper Cheyenne IIIA and 400
  • Piaggio P-180s
  • Pilatus PC-12s
  • DeHavilland DHC-6 series

Based on this STC amendment, pilots considering or currently using “Single Screen,” “2 or 3 Screen,” “Dual Screen,” or “4 or 6 Screen” Chelton FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS-SV) configurations are now approved to install the following upgrades:

  • Chelton Software Version 6.0B
  • Chelton Beta III GPS-WAAS
  • Chelton Remote Bugs Panel (RBP)
  • Spectralux NexNav GPS

Pilots flying aircraft covered by the amended STC will benefit because:

  • Chelton’s software version 6.0B delivers over 40 end-user upgrades from version 5.0C, such as WSI weather support or ADS-B Data Link, the ability to create a holding pattern at any fix or waypoint, and vertical deviation indicator for RNAV profiles and approaches.
  • Chelton’s lightweight GPS-WAAS Beta III system will meet the requirements for a primary navigation receiver for en route and approach guidance.
  • Chelton’s Remote Bugs panel features dedicated controls for frequently-used functions including the autopilot, controls for selecting and setting display parameters, and a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Mode option.
  • Spectralux NexNav GPS sensor installation enables advanced Nav features such as vertical navigation.

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