STC Amendment for Chelton Flightlogic EFIS Extends Options for Class III and IV Operators

Amended STC includes upgraded Chelton hardware and software and results in increased system capabilities for many types of Part 23, Class III and IV business and commercial aircraft.

MINERAL WELLS, TX – S-TEC/Chelton Flight Systems, part of Cobham’s Avionics and Surveillance Division, announces that the FAA has granted an amendment to STC #SA02254AK, covering Part 23, Class III and IV aircraft.

Plantz also points out that while the amended STC was earned on a Piper Cheyenne IIIA, it actually includes a wide variety of popular Part 23, Class III and IV aircraft, beyond and including:

  • Piston and turboprop Twin Commanders
  • Piston and turboprop 400 series twin Cessnas
  • Beechcraft King Airs
  • Piper Cheyenne IIIA and 400
  • Piaggio P-180s
  • Pilatus PC-12s
  • DeHavilland DHC-6 series

Based on this STC amendment, pilots considering or currently using “Single Screen,” “2 or 3 Screen,” “Dual Screen,” or “4 or 6 Screen” Chelton FlightLogic Synthetic Vision Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS-SV) configurations are now approved to install the following upgrades:

  • Chelton Software Version 6.0B
  • Chelton Beta III GPS-WAAS
  • Chelton Remote Bugs Panel (RBP)
  • Spectralux NexNav GPS

Pilots flying aircraft covered by the amended STC will benefit because:

  • Chelton’s software version 6.0B delivers over 40 end-user upgrades from version 5.0C, such as WSI weather support or ADS-B Data Link, the ability to create a holding pattern at any fix or waypoint, and vertical deviation indicator for RNAV profiles and approaches.
  • Chelton’s lightweight GPS-WAAS Beta III system will meet the requirements for a primary navigation receiver for en route and approach guidance.
  • Chelton’s Remote Bugs panel features dedicated controls for frequently-used functions including the autopilot, controls for selecting and setting display parameters, and a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Mode option.
  • Spectralux NexNav GPS sensor installation enables advanced Nav features such as vertical navigation.

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