Recent Accidents Highlight Need for Enhanced General Aviation Safety

PHOENIX – Recent aviation incidents, including those involving Blink 182's Travis Barker and DJ AM (Adam Goldstein), and Barenaked Ladies' Ed Robertson, have drawn wide-spread attention to the inherent and often preventable dangers that take place during the taxiing, take off and landing of general aviation aircraft. AmSafe Inc., the leading provider of safety and securement products to the aviation, defense and ground transportation markets, launched an online survey to uncover awareness among the general aviation community regarding the ability to upgrade legacy aircraft with airbags.

"General aviation manufacturers have long recognized the added safety the AmSafe Airbag system provides as the restraint is standard equipment on 80 percent of new single-engine aircraft," says Bill Hagan, president of AmSafe Aviation. "We now are looking to understand attitudes among legacy aircraft owners surrounding the importance of retrofitting their planes with this life-saving technology."

To increase responses to the survey, AmSafe is offering participants the chance to win a Sennheiser HMEC460 Aviation Headset. AmSafe also is encouraging all aircraft owners that do not currently have the AmSafe Airbag installed to view the following videos to learn more about how this safety device operates, ease of installation and where to find a service center.

Initially launched in 2001, the AmSafe Airbag system is built directly into the seatbelt and is deployed up and away from the seat occupant, affording passengers of all sizes protection to the head, neck and torso. When an impending impact is detected, the airbag deploys within 50 milliseconds and quickly deflates to allow expeditious departure from emergency conditions and post-accident fires. The restraint is designed to meet stringent head injury criteria (HIC) levels, a measure of the likelihood of brain concussions and other injuries common in severe aircraft impacts.

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