Avidyne Receives TSO Approval for MLX770

LINCOLN, MA – Avidyne Corporation, a provider of integrated flight deck and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, announces that its new MLX770 two-way datalink transceiver has received FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval, opening up a new worldwide market for datalink weather display systems and services.

The MLX770 was approved to TSO C159 for "Avionics Supporting Next Generation Satellite Systems (NGSS)." Utilizing Avidyne’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and capitalizing on the reach and reliability of the 66-satellite global Iridium Satellite Network, the MLX770 delivers strategic datalink weather services to Entegra- and EX500-equipped aircraft operating throughout the world, including Europe, Australia, and Latin America.

The MLX770 is initially targeted to the large installed base of Avidyne-equipped aircraft already flying worldwide, including the more than 600 Entegra-equipped Cirrus SR20s and SR22s based in Europe.

"Getting TSO approval for the MLX770 paves the way for Avidyne to begin fulfilling the large backlog of orders for this hot new market-defining product," says Avidyne president Dan Schwinn. “With our already-proven NOC, certification by Iridium, and our partnership with WSI for weather content, we have all the wheels in motion to meet the demand for this highly-anticipated safety enhancement system around the world.”

"We congratulate Avidyne for getting their TSO and bringing this safety-enhancing capability to market on schedule," says Mark D. Miller, Vice President and General Manager of WSI’s Aviation Business. "Through our partnership with Avidyne, international aircraft operators can now enjoy the safety and operational benefits of WSI aviation weather that was previously available only in North America."

The MLX770 Datalink Transceiver provides WSI’s InFlight weather data products for display on Avidyne’s Entegra and EX500 Multi-Function Displays (MFD). Standard weather products include worldwide graphical METARs, textual METARs, and TAFs; Radar is offered as a Premium service. Additionally, the MLX770 provides two-way text messaging between an airborne MFD and compatible ground-based SMS-capable mobile phones or e-mail addresses, allowing pilots to communicate with family and friends from their aircraft while in flight. Avidyne and WSI plan to add other weather products in the near future including Winds & Temps Aloft, in-flight weather advisories (NOTAMs), SATRad radar, and Lightning.

The MLX770 is also available for use in North America, either as a primary means of datalink weather, or along with the Avidyne MLB700 Sirius-based broadcast datalink receiver, as part of Avidyne’s MultiLink capability. Avidyne also offers a TWX670, which provides tactical color lighting detection to complement the strategic benefits of datalink as part of Avidyne’s Entegra Weather Series.

The MLX770 datalink transceiver weighs only 3.6 pounds and is contained in a 6- by 8- by 3-inch box and can be mounted with or without the optional mounting tray. The ANT77 Iridium patch antenna measures 3.5-inch dia x ¾-inch and fits easily on virtually any general aviation aircraft or helicopter.

For information e-mail avidyne@dacint.com or visit www.wsi.com and www.dacint.com.