SOAR and EGAT Form Working Agreement

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- Source One Aircraft Repair (SOAR) and Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation of Taiwan (EGAT) have partnered for a three-year cooperative agreement to provide expert AOG recovery and repair services to the Pacific Rim.

SOAR is a global AOG services company and Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation is a large MRO organization and a constituent of the 40-year old Evergreen Group of Companies. EGAT is home to the customized modification of Boeing’s Dreamlifters, as well as an aircraft engineering and maintenance center to a host of global customers. Together, SOAR and EGAT provide the Pacific Rim region with OEM-quality field recovery, repair and modification services.

“Outside of the OEMs there is no one else practicing expert aftermarket field recovery and repair services around the world, as its core capability," says Jim Jijawi, SOAR’s Managing Director. "Since it was established, Source One Aircraft Repair has provided an excellent and timely support to its global customers at a very affordable price.”

EGAT’s operational ethos is Safety First; Quality is Everything. It is certified as a qualified maintenance facility by the FAA of the US, as well as EASA of the European Union, and has actively expanded its airline customer portfolio, through SOAR’s Working Agreement, to offer maintenance services with the aim of providing the finest maintenance solutions.

EGAT joins the certified SOAR network of experts supporting the airline industry with timely and cost-effective AOG services around the world. SOAR will respond to an incident within 24-48 hours of the initial contact and can have an assessment team on-site shortly thereafter to provide a comprehensive recovery and repair plan.

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