Sikorsky Aerospace Services Announces Contract to Upgrade Colombian Black Hawk Helicopters

STRATFORD, CT -- Sikorsky Aerospace Services, the aftermarket company of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., announces a multimillion-dollar contract to convert six Colombian Air Force UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters into the more modern UH-60L configuration. Two additional upgrade kits also are included in the program. Sikorsky Aircraft is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

The U.S. Army and Sikorsky Aerospace Services have performed A-to-L conversions on U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters. Colombia operates the world's third-largest Black Hawk helicopter fleet, and with this new contract becomes the first international customer for the A-to-L conversion program.

"As the Black Hawk helicopter manufacturer, Sikorsky is uniquely qualified to do this work for governments around the world. We expect to significantly grow this part of our Global Maintenance and Modifications business," says David Adler, President of Sikorsky Aerospace Services.

The A-to-L conversion program includes a T700-701D engine upgrade for increased power and reliability, an enhanced main gearbox with increased durability, new flight controls and wiring harnesses, and avionics and instrument panel modifications. The Sikorsky Aerospace Maintenance unit of Sikorsky Aerospace Services will perform most of the work at its Chase Field, TX, facility. Sikorsky Aerospace Services' Helicopter Support, Inc. (H.S.I.) unit will procure the parts and manage the program.