Aspen Avionics Continues to Expand Approved Model List for Evolution Flight Display

SAN JOSE, CA -- Aspen Avionics has added several more Class II airplanes, including some heavier twins, to its FAA Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certificate (AML-STC) for the EFD1000 Primary Flight Displays (PFDs). These latest additions include the Beechcraft Baron 58-series, and a subset of the Aerostar 600-and Twin Commander 500-series twin-engine airplanes.

Aspen continues to add new makes and models to its AML-STC for Class I and II airplanes (those under 6,000 lbs.) on a regular basis. The company expanded its original AML by adding more than 200 new models in July, another dozen in September, and another dozen now, bringing the total number of approved models to more than 650.

Aspen also announces that it is pursuing approval to install the Evolution PFD into heavier Class III airplanes (those between 6,000 and 12,500 pounds) by the end of the third quarter of 2009. The company is performing both additional certification work with the FAA, and additional product development, to ensure that operators of these larger GA airplanes can enjoy the many benefits of adding Evolution Flight Display systems to their cockpits — enhanced situational awareness and safety, a high level of integration and automation, and improved reliability and maintainability.

“We are pleased today to welcome Beech Baron 58, Aerostar, and Twin Commander drivers to the more than 1,000 EFD1000 pilots in the Aspen community,” says John Uczekaj, Aspen Avionics’ President and CEO. “Aspen is committed to bringing the breakthrough technology and affordability of its glass cockpit systems to the most aircraft possible, and looks forward to serving new categories and classes in 2009 and beyond.”

Updates to the complete list of airplane makes and models covered by Aspen’s AMLSTC, as well as other certifications and interface approvals, are available at