Triumph Instruments Develops FAA-Accepted Antenna Repair Procedures

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Initial capabilities will include the Collins TRE-920 antenna family. Services will include bench test and certification; bench test, refinish, and certification; repair, refinish and certification; as well as overhaul and certification.

"This is a major breakthrough for the industry," says David Vorsas, President of Triumph Instruments. "Until now, there were no cost-effective repair options for defective Collins TCAS antennas. Especially in today’s economic environment, it is difficult to find unique ways to improve maintenance programs and cut expenses. We are excited to be able to provide this new service that will undoubtedly help improve our customer’s bottom line."

Since implementing their Production Engineering Department earlier this year, in addition to TCAS Antenna capabilities, Triumph Instruments has developed repair capabilities for Honeywell/Sperry, Collins and most other Flux Detector brands. Triumph Instruments is currently developing product support solutions for other TCAS Antenna families.