PAS Technologies Ireland Receives FAA and EASA Approval

KANSAS CITY, MO – PAS Technologies Inc. announces that PAS Technologies Ireland Ltd has received FAA and EASA approval.

"We are extremely proud to have obtained both the FAA and EASA approvals. This is a testament to the quality of our staff, their hard work, training and skills. Clearly, our systems, safety standards, process and procedures have met the strict requirements set out by the FAA and EASA," says Robert Weiner, PAS Technologies’ President and CEO. "This also means that U.S. and foreign aircraft are now able to visit our Ireland facility for approved and recognized maintenance services."

"Our customers are secure in the knowledge that our processes and systems adhere to the levels that are required by the aviation industry," says Denis McGrath, PAS Technologies’ Ireland Managing Director. "These certifications allow the Irish facility to pursue business with new and existing customers and help secure our long term future. The approvals are further evidence to the abilities of all our personnel within the Ireland facility."

"With these additional approvals, we are able to provide hot section repairs to support our customers from different countries, says PAS Technologies’ EVP Global Sales & Marketing, Phil Milazzo. "We see significant opportunities for growth and will be working closely with our global customers to support their requirements."

The Certificate of Approval from The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is a Part-145 Maintenance Organization Exposition for aeronautical repair station. The Ireland facility falls within the jurisdiction of the EASA and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is the authority responsible for oversight and issuance of the EASA Part-145 approval to PAS Technologies Ireland Ltd (reference EASA certificate number IE.145.059). The facility successfully completed the audit and was awarded the EASA approval on June 23.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued PAS Technologies Ireland Ltd Air Agency Certificate Number 3PTY238B as a certified repair station on Oct. 31.

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