Global MRO Spent On Military Aviation Expected to Increase By 14.9 Percent

CHICAGO -- By 2018, $67.3 billion a year will be spent on the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of military aircraft throughout the world, according to an in-depth study offered by OAG Aviation Solutions ( in partnership with AeroStrategy. This is an increase of 14.9 percent on 2008 levels of $58.6 billion.

This figure is revealed in a fact-based profile and 10-year forecast of the global military MRO market. The analysis and reports, which have just been completed and released, combine OAG's extensive aviation fleet information with AeroStrategy's MRO forecast databases.

OAG's report on the current profile of the world's military airline market reveals that:

-- 49 percent of all spend is on field maintenance; followed by 20 percent on airframe depot maintenance; 17 percent on component repair and overhaul; and 14 percent on engine overhaul.

-- 62 percent of the global active fleet of 38,520 aircraft is in North America and Europe.

-- Engine maintenance spend is concentrated in North America with 53 percent of the total figure compared to 38 percent of the fleet.

-- Fighter/Attack aircraft account for 59 percent of the global spend on engine maintenance and 46 percent of airframe maintenance.

-- US Air Force is single largest consumer of airframe MRO at 35 percent of the total.

-- The largest spend for component MRO is on flight deck avionics with 25 percent share.

Military aircraft MRO spending is forecasted to grow at 1.4 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) through 2018, with the Latin America region showing the highest growth at 2.10 percent.

The reports cover four major segments of military aircraft MRO: Airframe Heavy Maintenance; Components; Engine Maintenance and Field Maintenance. A detailed forecast showing projected trends with a supporting fleet and MRO spend database is available for each module. The data can be accessed for each operator/aircraft/engine combination.

"Together with AeroStrategy we have created a powerful and flexible MRO analytical solution for the military aviation sector," says John Weber, Managing Director OAG Aviation Solutions. "It provides fact-based intelligence and projections to meet the most demanding of strategic and financial forecasting needs, such as competitive analysis; capacity planning for manpower and hanger space; revenue projections; and mergers and acquisitions. Our new analytical tool uses the very latest QlikView technology, an easy-to-use front end which enables users to slice and dice the data from almost any perspective and instantly obtain a comprehensive analysis of the military aviation MRO sector not available anywhere else in the industry."

To accompany this report, downloadable charts are available at

The MRO forecast for Military Aviation is part of a suite of analytical tools from OAG Aviation Solutions which also covers Business Aviation, Commercial Aviation and Civil Helicopters. For more information on each of the Military Aviation modules, or to book a web-based demonstration, visit

The new 10-year forecasts and supporting data for the Business and Commercial sectors will be launched before the end of 2008.