Thrane & Thrane's Aero-SB Lite Receives Type Approval

Satellite equipment manufacturer Thrane & Thrane has received Inmarsat Type Approval for its Aero-SB Lite system. The Type Approval will enable Aero-SB Lite to take full advantage of the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband service, allowing Thrane & Thrane to immediately start the first installation and certification effort on a US registered aircraft.

"The type approval of our Aero-SB Lite system firmly positions Thrane & Thrane as the market leader in providing the smallest and lightest avionics for Inmarsat SwiftBroadband service," says Andy Beers, Director, Aeronautical Sales North America, Thrane & Thrane. "Through its compact, lightweight design, Aero-SB Lite enables a much broader range of aircraft to join the broadband era irrespective of size, type and communications budget."

As the lightest, most compact SwiftBroadband solution on the market the Aero-SB Lite enables cost effective broadband suitable for the widest range of aircraft possible. Its full SwiftBroadband data functionality provides the ultimate in quality of service and lower costs in terms of initial investment and operation.

Aero-SB Lite is a total cabin solution that exceeds the ongoing requirement to provide a true office in the sky by harnessing the power of the internet, email, VPN, fax and telephony in one compact and lightweight package. Its SwiftBroadband data channel is highly flexible, offering users a choice of streaming data on a pay-per-minute basis or background data where the operator is only charged for data used. Coupled with a built in WiFi capability and VoiP technology, where users can use Thrane & Thrane's VoiP handset or their own compatible WiFi enabled devices such as smartphones, PDAs and laptops, Aero-SB Lite becomes a very attractive option for business aircraft operators.