GE Signs Singapore Airlines 777 Systems Support Agreement

SINGAPORE -- GE Aviation launched its OnPoint solutions covering the systems content and capabilities with the signing of a comprehensive agreement with Singapore Airlines for the Boeing 777 aircraft fleet. The support for this contract is anticipated to commence the first quarter of 2009 when final agreement details should be complete. GE's facility in Singapore will supply global support and program management for the project.

"The key is to organize your business model to be as flexible as possible and supply what the customer needs," says Catherine Gridley, president of Systems Customer Services for GE Aviation. "GE is delighted to sign the first Systems OnPoint contract with Singapore Airlines, which builds on the contracts SIA has in place for the GE 90." A similar agreement for systems support has been in place with Singapore Airlines for the A380 since September 2006.

The OnPoint agreement provides comprehensive support on inventory pooling and maintenance services to the airline. This contract is the first Systems OnPoint contract and is focused on Singapore Airlines large fleet of 77 Boeing 777 aircraft. It covers more than 200 part numbers of GE's systems products. The agreement covers all existing 777 for a period of 10 years and each new 777 aircraft from entry into service for a 10-year period.

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