HAI Bestows 2009 Aviation Repair Specialist Award

ALEXANDRIA, VA – HAI announces the 2009 Aviation Repair Specialist Award recipient: Jeffery L. Peabody, Maintenance Technician, Air Logistics of Alaska Inc., Fairbanks, Alaska.

Peabody graduated from Colorado Aero Tech in 1973 and went to Jelco Inc., maintaining their Sikorsky S-58 T, Bell 212, and Bell 205 A-1 aircraft. While there he also attended the Pratt & Whitney factory school. From there he went to work for Anchorage Helicopter Services at the Trans Alaska Pipeline Five Mile construction camp, eventually becoming lead mechanic on the S-58 T. In addition to pipeline support, he unloaded liberty freighters bringing housing to the coastal villages on Norton Sound, and helped build a seawall for a new school on Little Diomede Island.

Peabody began working for Air Logistics of Alaska in 1988, serving as an aircraft mechanic, Bell 212 instructor, and customer airport liaison officer. He has also been heavily involved in training advisory weather station observers for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company’s Trans Alaska Pipeline System. In 2004, when the ship Selendang Ayu ran aground near Dutch Harbor, Peabody oversaw maintenance work on the Bell and Eurocopter fleet involved in the eight month-long cleanup effort. In 2005 Peabody became Senior Maintenance Instructor, responsible for the coordination, documentation, and training of all Air Logistics’ mechanics.

Peabody served as treasurer on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center from 1992 until 2000, and was the 2007 recipient of the "Forest Jones Safety/Maintenance" award. From pride in his maintenance work and safety diligence, to his attitude of always getting the job done while enjoying doing it, Air Logistics of Alaska considers Peabody to be among the leaders in the helicopter maintenance industry.

All winners will be recognized at HELI-EXPO 2009’s annual "Salute to Excellence" Awards Banquet on Feb. 23, 2009, in Anaheim, CA. For more information visit www.heliexpo.com.