CAV Aerospace, Kilfrost Form Partnership

SALINA, KS -- CAV Aerospace Ltd. and Kilfrost have agreed in principal to a joint global marketing and engineering certification program for TKS ice protection fluids used in the general aviation industry.

CAV Aerospace manufactures and retrofits TKS ice protection systems for use on general aviation airplanes ranging from single-engine piston-powered aircraft to mid-size business jets. Kilfrost is a supplier of fluid ice protection products to general aviation, in addition to the commercial aviation and other transportation industries.

"CAV Aerospace Ltd. and Kilfrost will take a team approach in the development, certification, distribution and sales of TKS ice protection fluids," says Kevin Hawley, president of CAV Aerospace Inc., the company’s U.S. ice protection subsidiary. "We look forward to partnering to expand the ice protection market primarily in the United States."

"Our affiliation enables Kilfrost to grant CAV Aerospace the right to market, distribute and sell TKS fluids to manufacturers of new aircraft that incorporate CAV ice protection. Furthermore, CAV can market Kilfrost’s products to operators of aircraft approved for aftermarket modifications, says Patrick Strasburger, Senior Vice President of Kilfrost.

CAV will offer TKS fluids, produced by Kilfrost, to more than 4,000 aircraft operators who fly the TKS ice protection system. Joint business development initiatives for the two companies include marketing materials, advertising, web site promotions, and trade show appearances.

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