Great Lakes Aviation Announces Unrestricted STC

KALAMAZOO, MI -- Great Lakes Aviation Holdings Inc., based in Kalamazoo, MI, announces that the FAA has issued an unrestricted Supplemental Type Certificate approving the installation of Williams International FJ44-3A engines on both the Cessna Citation 550 and 550 series aircraft. Great Lakes Aviation has served as the primary engineering and modification contractor for the STC holder, Clifford Development.

"We are extremely proud of the achievements of our engineers and aircraft technicians who, in record time, accomplished a modification project of this scope," says Tod Anderson, President of Great Lakes Aviation.

This STC, owned by and marketed through Clifford Development LLC and its authorized Installation Centers and Sales Brokers, opens the way for hundreds of legacy Citations to gain significant speed and fuel efficiency improvements. At its hanger complex at the Kalamazoo International Airport, Great Lakes Aviation has already begun to modify Citations with this high-tech upgrade.

"We expect the demand for this conversion to drive significant growth at our operations in Kalamazoo," says Anderson. "Our organization is excited about the re-establishment of a major corporate jet service center at the Kalamazoo Airport."

This modernization program integrates the most current propulsion technology from Williams International into one of the most popular and safest airframes ever built. The entire conversion also includes 35 other improvements and upgrades to the airplane.

Based on the certification flight test data, the re-engined airplane displays significant performance gains in climb, cruise speed and fuel efficiency. All of this means that the operator of the converted airplane will see a climb rate of 22 minutes to FL430, an 18 percent increase in max cruise speed, and a significant increase in range.

"We are pleased with the high caliber of personnel and the work performed at Great Lakes Aviation," says Jim Clifford, President of Clifford Development. "We look forward to more development projects with their organization."