LAMA Salutes Key Moves by Tom Gunnarson and Earl Lawrence

LAMA, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, salutes two key figures in the success of the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) movement, on their recent career enhancements.

Tom Gunnarson, former president of the United States Ultralight Association and, most recently, President and Board member of LAMA, has accepted a position with the Federal Aviation Administration, in the Light Sport Aircraft office. Gunnarson was instrumental in guiding the formation of the LSA Rule and, at LAMA, was a key figure in developing the industry audit system, which aids manufacturers in self-policing compliance with the industry consensus standards that made the new category possible.

"Though we’ll certainly miss Tom’s daily participation, we know that his dedication to our industry continues within the FAA," says Dan Johnson, Chairman and President of LAMA. "The FAA’s gain is not our loss – it is our gain, as well."

Earl Lawrence, vice president of industry and regulatory affairs at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), has filled Gunnarson’s former seat on LAMA’s Board of Directors, adding his insight and experience in dealing with both the technical and political sides of regulation, and reinforcing LAMA’s preeminent position in the LSA industry.

Johnson was pleased with Earl’s acceptance of the Board position, saying, "Earl Lawrence has long been a source of both energy and wisdom in his advocacy and understanding of the role of Light Sport Aircraft. His addition to our Board will have immediate and long-term benefits to our industry."

The LAMA Board of Directors includes Johnson and Lawrence, Chairman Emeritus and LAMA Founder Larry Burke, Cessna Chairman Jack Pelton, Jo Konrad, chairman of the German Ultralight Association, abbreviated as DULV (Deutscher Ultraleichtflug Verband) and founder of the European Microlight Foundation, former Kitplanes magazine editor, naval aviator and aircraft builder Dave Martin, and aircraft designers, pilots, and business leaders Phil Lockwood and Tom Peghiny, who is a member of the EAA Ultralight Hall of Fame.