Flightline Group Inc. Awards 2008 Careers in Aviation Scholarship

Careers in Aviation announces the 2008 Flightline Group Scholarship has been awarded to Saul Meza from Chicago. The $2,500 scholarship was open to students expressing a financial need and with an aspiration toward undertaking flight training or education in the pursuit of a career in aviation.

Meza, an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University student, will graduate in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science. He will apply his scholarship award toward flight time and completing his degree.

"Growing up in an inner city neighborhood can give one a false sense of hopelessness … but, like my parents, I vowed to seize every opportunity to reach my dream of receiving my degree, becoming a flight instructor, and eventually becoming a corporate pilot," says Meza. "Most kids like me don’t believe that attending college or university is available to them. By reaching my goals, I would like to lead through example and demonstrate to these kids that hard work and persistence will take over when luck is cut short."

"We are proud that the Flightline Group Scholarship will assist a bright, hardworking, and determined person, who is looking forward to giving back to his home community," says C. Daniel Langston, Flightline Group president. "The selection committee had a difficult decision with over 70 qualified applicants. We congratulate all applicants on their dedication and hard-work and encourage them to continue the pursuit of their dreams."

Flightline Group Inc. is an acknowledged supporter of educational programs such as those offered by Careers in Aviation.