Sikorsky Aerospace Services Announces $4M Contract to Provide Presidential Airways with Heads Up Display Systems

Sikorsky Aerospace Services announces the signing of a $4 million contract with Presidential Airways, a Worldwide Services company based in North Carolina, to provide Heads Up Display (HUD) systems. The distribution of these systems will be performed by Helicopter Support Inc., a Sikorsky Aerospace Services company.

Heads up display allows pilots to see flight instruments and other helicopter information through an eyepiece in their helmet without having to look down at the instrument panel. The system can be used during day and night operations.

"The HUD systems are an innovative technology designed to promote safer missions because pilots can maintain a forward-looking focus," says Frank DiPasquale, Vice President, Business Development, Sikorsky Aerospace Services. "We are pleased to be able to provide Presidential with a solution that meets their mission requirements. This is their first order for HUD units, and we look forward to continuing this successful business relationship."