Transport Canada Approves DART’s Comfort Seat for the Bell 205/212/214

PINEY FLATS, TN -- DART Helicopter Services has announced that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received Transport Canada’s approval of the Comfort Seat for the Bell 205/212/214 series aircraft. FAA and EASA approvals are still pending.

Vertical reference operations present enough challenges to pilots without the added distraction of a seat whose side bolster lumbar support impedes the operator’s movements. The DART Comfort Seat eliminates the lumbar support and increases the comfort of the seat. The kit consists of a durable aerospace grade formed plastic seat bucket and covered seat cushions. The installation requires no permanent modification to the seat and uses the existing seat (Bell p/n 205-070-798-011/-101 or equivalent). The DART Comfort Seat is compatible with OEM seat & restraint systems.

Another DART product of interest for vertical reference operations is the Full Vertical Reference Door Modification Kit.

"DART recognized a niche to be filled," says Bill Beckett, General Manager DART Aerospace Ltd. "The kit represents a simple and cost effective solution to one of the challenges faced by long line pilots; the discomfort of leaning into the existing lumbar support of the OEM seats. The DART seat installs in just minutes and since it uses the existing seat, there’s no hassle or cost to procure a replacement seat."

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