Cirrus Aircraft Announces Known Ice Protection Availability for SR22 and Turbo Aircraft Models

DULUTH, MN -- Cirrus Aircraft announces that Cirrus SR22 and Turbo models are now available with equipment for "Known Ice Protection." These aircraft are for sale today with FAA certification for operations in known icing conditions expected in Q2 of 2009.

"Known Ice Protection completes the picture for many when it comes to reliable, personal transportation," Cirrus Chairman Alan Klapmeier. "It can allow operations on marginal weather days when icing forecasts would otherwise preclude travel. This means a Cirrus customer gets more utility and ultimately more capability from their airplane investment.

"An important issue to address up front is although the airplane has completed testing to show it’s safe to fly in FAA known icing conditions, no one should ever think that this means they can drone along impervious to nature in icing conditions — nature always wins! Of course proper training and decision making is essential for flight safety."

Developed in partnership with CAV Ice Protection Ltd., the Cirrus SR22 and TURBO Known Ice Protection system - allowing "flight into known ice" (FIKI) – has CAV’s fully integrated TKS "weeping wing" technology in laser-drilled panels on the leading edges of wings, horizontal and vertical tail surfaces and elevator. New high-intensity LED ice lights on both sides of the airplane illuminate wing leading edges and tail surfaces through a unique prism lens. An automotive style de-icing system distributes TKS fluid evenly onto the windshield and a traditional slinger-ring affords ice protection for the propeller and other remaining exposed surfaces.

The Cirrus Known Ice Protection system seamlessly integrates with Cirrus Perspective by Garmin on 12-inch screens by displaying key operating and system status information on the MFD. TKS fluid capacity of up to eight gallons maximum and various pilot selected flow rates allows de-icing fluid flow for up to 2.5 hours. If fluid levels run low, Cirrus Perspective will display cautions and increasing warnings.

"This is probably the most extensively tested known-ice package ever developed for general aviation," says Ian Bentley, Vice President of Products and Services. "The Cirrus Known Ice Protection certification program had the same icing envelope and followed similar testing protocols as airliners under FAR Part 25. Known Ice Protection approval does not create an 'all weather' airplane, a perhaps overused term in aviation. Even airliners and corporate aircraft cancel flights for weather – particularly winter weather. A broad knowledge of weather operations and flight experience in your Cirrus is always necessary."

Cirrus now offers additional support for pilots with an on-line "Icing Awareness" training program focused on the Cirrus "known ice" airplanes. This will be required for Cirrus known-ice pilots and recommended for all pilots. Additionally, Cirrus will offer supplies of TKS fluid in volume (33 and 50-gallons), shipped through