US Aviation Expands to Full Service FBO

DENTON, TX – Several years ago, when the owners of US Aviation took over the stagnant US Flight Academy, they had plans to refine and develop the facilities. They have now reached the status of a full service FBO, with the Denton City Council granting the right to provide fueling operations. They will move quickly to create a fuel farm, purchase fueling trucks, expand their ramp area for fueling operations, and construct a new 5,600-square-foot FBO facility.

This follows the dramatic expansion of the flight school from a few dozen students to a few hundred, which in turn, requires additional locations and facilities to accommodate all the training activity. Their growing fleet of trainers is now up to 28 aircraft and to accommodate the expanding maintenance and new avionics shop activity, they have added two 14,400-square-foot hangars. They have also erected the largest Light Sport Aircraft showroom in the Midwest which houses over a dozen new models from leading LSA manufacturers.

"It has been our plan from the beginning to achieve full-service status," says US Aviation President Mike Sykes. "We made the decision before we launched this effort that we would endeavor to set a new standard in FBO activities and we are pleased with the progress."

US Aviation hosts a Tex-Mex Fly-In on the last Saturday of every month with free food for anyone who participates.

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