H3R Sales Support United Nations Mission in Haiti

LARKSPUR, CA – H3R Aviation Inc., makers of Halon and Halon-alternative portable fire extinguishers, recently sold 86 Halotron 1 wheeled clean agent fire extinguishers for use by the United Nations at various airports and helipads throughout Haiti.

Rated 10A:80B:C by Underwriters Laboratories, H3R Aviation’s model 674 contains 150 pounds of Halotron 1, a safe, effective, EPA-approved "clean" extinguishing agent designed to replace Halon 1211.

"Working closely with our customer, Allied Global Inc., who ultimately supplied the product to the United Nations, we were able to quickly fulfill their requirements by producing and shipping all 86 extinguishers in record time," saysChris Dieter, vice president at H3R Aviation.

For more information visit www.H3RAviation.com.