Dart Helicopter Services Announces FAA and EASA Approvals for Round-I-Beam Skidtube

Dart Helicopter Services' affiliated partner, Dart Aerospace, has received the updates to both the FAA and EASA certifications of its Round-I-Beam Skidtube for the Eurocopter EC135 P2+/T2+. Previous issues of the FAA and EASA STC’s listed EC 135P1/P2/T1/T2 models only.

The Dart Round-I-Beam Skidtube has long been a staple in the rotary wing industry and has received recognition around the globe for providing a skid tube solution. In recent years, Dart has extended this technology to a variety of aircraft, including Light and Medium Bell, Eurocopter AS350/355, BO 105, SA 315, BK117 and now the EC 135 P1/P2/P2+/T1/T2/T2+.

The Round-I-Beam Skidtube for the EC 135 incorporates the I-Beam into a conventional round tube. Like other Dart skidtubes, the EC 135 skidtube is up to 10 times more resistant to damage when compared to conventional tubes. The DART skidtube comes complete with full length stainless-steel wearplates that are installed with a protective rubber membrane that virtually eliminates any corrosion associated with the wearplates and the skidtubes. The EC 135 skidtube is compatible with standard low and float landing gear and is pre-drilled and adaptable for compatibility with Apical Floats.

Other features of the skidtube include:

  • Round-I-Beam construction that is up to 10 times more resistant to damage when compared to regular skidtubes
  • LH/RH interchangeability
  • Compatibility with Apical Float Systems
  • Comes with full length Stainless steel wearplates
  • Wearplates install with a rubber membrane that eliminates the use of messy sealant and eases removal for inspection and replacement
  • Pre-drilled for wire strike compatibility
  • Pre-drilled for Apical Tri-Bag Float Compatibility

For more information visit www.darthelicopterservices.com.