FAA Approves AKV's Dual Tachometer Indicator for the AS350BA, B1, and B2 helicopters

Dart Helicopter Services’ affiliated partner, AKV Inc., has received FAA approval the Dual Tachometer Indicator for the AS350BA, B1, B2 series of helicopters. The Dual Indicator for Nr (Rotor) and Np (Free Turbine) is designed as a direct replacement for the rotor-only indicator.

Customers that have installed the Np tachometer generator on the engine gear box for the AKV Ng/Np cycle counter can now display the Np speed in addition to Nr. This indicator is also a direct replacement for the AS350B1 and B2 (non-VEMD) dual indicator. For many operators of the Arriel 1 engine and in conjunction with the AKV Cycle Counter, indication of the NP speed to the pilot will further enhance overall safety.

  • Np (free turbine) and Nr speeds
  • Face plate design as with the current AS350B2

Other products of interest from AKV for the AS350 include:

  • Ng/Np Engine Cycle Counter
  • Np (free turbine) tachometer generator kit for the engine gear box

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